2400BH modifications part 2

The first upgrade will be the Furrion Observation System.  This camera system mounts to the pre-installed mounting bracket and wiring already on your Grand Design and provides you a view from the back of the trailer that is very handy, not only for backing, but also for going down the highway to see traffic.

Wireless Observation System Box

Here is a picture of it doing its work:

The camera system live and working, TPMS above

The next upgrade is the other device in the above image, the TST 507 TPMS.  This tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) provides in the cab knowledge of how your wheels and tires are doing back there. It passes both temperature and pressure readings to you as you drive and will alert you if either parameter goes too high or too low based on settings you choose and program into the monitor.  During normal operation, it cycles through each programmed tire.

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