Monday, December 3, 2018

Modifications to a 2400BH part 3

The first add-on for this blog post is the Ambient Weather WS-10 indoor/outdoor temperature monitor.  This fairly inexpensive device comes with 3 remote sensors that are weatherproof, so you can stick them where ever you desire. The main screen is also a sensor, so I mounted ours in the living area where we could see it, and it monitors the main cabin of the camper.  I reserve one to place outside when we are camping, and one in the front storage to see how temps change up there.

The WS-10 mounted on the wall

Next up, is the Progressive Industries PT30X.  This is a device that keeps the fun in your travels by preventing possible electrical problems due to bad power from the campground post. I chose this device based on their reputation, and recommendations. It is portable, thankfully, as it is already on its second trailer.

EMS-PT30X plugged in and ready

When camping, and especially when it is cold, running out of propane is, well, a pain. A little research showed that there is an easy to use device that links to one's phone with bluetooth that will let you know when you are getting low. The nice part about this Mopeka Tank Check device is that it uses a strong magnet to attach itself to the bottom of your LP tank (1 device per tank needed), and then both tanks show up in their mobile app.

The Mopeka mobile app interface

One hint on the tank check device, make sure the sensor is mounted at the very bottom of the tank, as this will give you the best reading.  My sensors fit under the tanks without the need for the plastic spacers, and it is not possible for them to fall out.

That will do it for this round of updates and modifications, I hope you find it helpful.  Thanks for reading!

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